Recently I have finished a ceramic bottle inspired by an iconic Almada Negreiros’ painting called “Lendo Orpheu” (Reading Orpheu). Since the beginning of my project, I had thought about doing something with his work, but somehow, it was not easy to find a place where I could have access to his paintings in an organized way. Almada Negreiros was a brilliant Portuguese artist and painting was only one of his many talents.
In 2015, because of the celebrations on the 100th anniversary from the release of Orpheu magazine (a milestone in the Portuguese art and letters scene), unpublished and privately-held work from its founders became available to the public. Almada Negreiros was among the founders, and one of the most exhibited artists this year, which turned out to help me a lot on my research.

One of my best findings was a Portuguese website, managed by a group of extremely dedicated researchers, aimed at maintaining a virtual file from the “Geração de Orpheu” (Orpheu’s generation). For me it was a great opportunity to learn more about Almada Negreiros’ work, his generation and their role in the introduction of Modernism in Portuguese arts and letters.

Hope you like this bottle as much as I do.

Please keep inspired!

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