The idea behind this journal is about sharing some of the fun that I have in doing what I do. Ceramics is one of my metiers and a great passion! If you are an art lover with an affection for still life paintings and ceramics, please like, comment, suggest or simply follow. Here I will post text and media around the most challenging moments of my creative process. Today I leave you with an overview, but I promise to comeback in future posts with the singularities of each process stage.

In an early stage of my creative process, I dedicate time to research the future selection of a painting (usually a still life theme, in which the representation of ceramic objects are more frequent). For this matter, I have some choices on painters and specific art movements that I recognize to be more fruitful than others. Cubist paintings are among my favorites. The impossibilities on shape and balance of the objects represented by cubist painters is the type of challenge I like to explore. There are other artistic movements feeding my work with interesting material. Modern art paintings from nineteenth and early twentieth century is where I prefer to focus my search.

The second stage consists in transposing the 2D representation into a 3D idea. In this stage I may use different techniques. Drawings to explore the possibilities or clay miniature models to break the path. This stage is probably the most time consuming. It is all about the creation of a final model built over my reinterpretation of the object-design present in the painting, where the representation of  the “hidden” elevations must be integrated, in such a way, it makes sense for the final balance of the piece.

Having the final ceramic piece ready, there is the coating process. In ceramics we often glaze the object for a grand finale. It is a very demanding stage. If it goes wrong, it can jeopardize the whole project. I am fortunate to have the super-talented Helena Abrantes as a mentor, guiding me masterfully during this phase. With her around, the conditions are met so that everything goes smoothly with a final result matching my initial thoughts.

My belief is that within this creative process there is plenty of room for debate and insight. Please feel free to send me your preferences on your favorite paintings and masterpieces and I’ll be pleased to share with you my thoughts and vision for a possible reinterpretation.

Please Keep (me) Inspired!

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